Engaging local people in planning the future of their community

A new website has been launched today with a focus on the development of West St Leonards https://weststleonards.org.uk/.

The West St Leonards Forum has been created by local people and is a new initiative to bring together different local community interests – and people – to deal with the needs and challenges of the neighbourhood.

The introduction to the website says: “We aim to tackle the area’s social, economic and physical issues and one way we can do this is by being designated by Hastings Borough Council (HBC) to draft a statutory neighbourhood plan. The local community will benefit from better control of its area as a result.”

The home page of the new West St Leonards Forum website.

Making sure the community that makes up West St Leonards is provided with up to date and accurate information is a key objective of the website, which will also support the overall aims of the West St Leonards Forum.

The website was designed from scratch by Graham Wilkins of the Graham Wilkins Design Consultancy, he is also a Forum member and justifiably proud of the new site: “I feel the website is inviting yet informative, and it is another example of how the West St Leonards Forum is moving forward in its desire to act as the interface between the local community and HBC.”

Clicking on https://weststleonards.org.uk/ you launch a website that looks modern but still provides lots of information in an easy to access format.

There are dedicated areas explaining what the Forum wants to achieve; an introduction to team members; and how residents and business can get involved. 

As well as informing the local community the Forum also wants residents and business-owners to contribute articles and comments. The website works on Android or Apple, tablet, phone, laptop or PC; so there is no excuse not to give it a try and let the Forum know your thoughts!  

Video picks…

When Fiona Allman-Treen from St Leonards based FAT Promotions spoke to Hastings In Focus…

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