The celebration you deserve – planning a wedding in a time of uncertainty

Kate Tym and Kate Dyer are former East Sussex Marriage Registrars who are now freelance celebrants – an alternative to a marriage registrar, a vicar or other faith leader. They can conduct any ceremony you like, anywhere you like and at any time but they don’t do the legal bits – those are arranged separately. Here’s their take on the impact of Coronavirus…

If your wedding was planned for a date within the next three months, now is the time to postpone if you haven’t already.

Yes, it sucks. But you’re not alone! You might have chosen your date for sentimental reasons; you might have been desperate for a summer wedding or your venue might have only had that one date left. Sadly, so many have had to change their plans because of Covid-19 and we understand that it is a very tough time for everyone involved. 

But we are all in it together. From wedding suppliers, venues and everything in between we are all in the same boat and and we all have one goal in mind – working together to find the best solution for our couples with the least disruption.

We realise weddings take a lot of planning and the thought of suddenly having to change them must be pretty scary – but don’t worry. You will be surprised by just how friendly, kind and accommodating this industry can be.  

Here at Kate and Kate Towers we’re trying to keep our peckers up and look to the future when we’re back on track and able to give our couples the celebrations they deserve.  With more than 20 years’ experience of conducting wedding celebration ceremonies, what we don’t know about weddings is not worth knowing and with that in mind we wanted to give you some reassurance on the celebrant front to help you get your weddings up-and-running again as soon as possible after restrictions are lifted.

For couples who have not given notice of marriage as yet, fear not. Just because the Registration Service is currently not able to offer any ‘Giving Notice to Marry’ appointments until mid-June you can still have a celebrant-led wedding, still keeping the original date of your wedding day and completing the legal bits at a later date: “How do we do this?” you cry!

Simples – It’s called a Statutory Declaration. This is the couple and two witnesses in an office – not a ceremony room – saying your vows/declaration and signing the register. Forty-six quid – Job done. 

In this way, you keep the date, your venue your suppliers and your sanity. With a bit of flexibility and a sprinkle of Kate and Kate magic you could still rock the frock, your nosh will be posh and have the day you always dreamed of. If restrictions remain over large gatherings inside and your venue has an outside space – we are able to conduct the ceremony there, and then, again, the legal bits can be covered separately, at another time, by the Registration Service.

If you do postpone your date you might find some suppliers are unable to help you as the dates, especially Saturday’s, are getting booked up. That said, we still have availability for 2020 and lots of slots still left for 2021 if you want to switch to a celebrant-led wedding.

Perhaps you could have a weekday wedding? These are often cheaper but no less fabulous. Finding a new supplier might seem daunting but our top tip is to ask your supplier for recommendations, as it’s a tight knit community and we all know others in the industry that offer a similar product to ourselves. Websites such as Hitched or Bride Book are also a good place to visit. 

If you have any queries about how to keep your dates or move them with the minimum impact, just give us a shout and we’ll help talk you through the options. 

Stay safe, wash your hands, stay positive, lots of love and we’ll see you on the other side.

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Read what the Kates have to say about arranging a funeral for a loved one in the midst of the pandemic, follow this link…

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