There’s generosity of spirit, kindness and a lot of good deeds being done… here’s a few, we’d like to hear about more

Daniel Robinson has been impressed by the generosity of spirit he has seen in recent days around our town and here he describes some of the acts of kindness and generosity that are becoming so much part of our community. If you know of an act of kindness and generosity that’s helped someone out in these difficult times we’d love to hear about it so we can share it with the rest of the town.

Daniel Robinson

To be selfless is to be concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own.

In times of difficulty it can be so hard to look outside our own circle of need, but in times of darkness there is hope, the best of us sits within us all and I wanted to share some stories that show how a simple act of selflessness radiates positivity and joy!

How about those on the front line of emergency services; the ambulance service, working what must feel like never-ending shifts!

An incredible show of appreciation came unexpectedly in the evening from the Italian Rustico Neapolitan restaurant, they arrived with handmade pizzas to keep the team going, this takes pulling together to a whole new level.

Rustico in Robertson Street, Hastings had the hard working ambulance crews in mind!
Paramedic Gary Robinson, kitted out and ready for work!

The tired and hardworking ambulance team on shift felt the emotions coming through at the love shown for all their hard work, putting themselves at risk every day, ambulance team member Gary Robinson said: “We were truly humbled by their generosity at such an awful time”.

Rustico Neapolitan – with Hastings Ambulance service –

We have heard across the country about small businesses supporting those in need around us, but what about when the small business in question is the one in need?

Rye Bay Fitness, an independent standalone gym owned and run by Hastings man Gavin Broomfield, has seen an overwhelming response to support the gym since he was forced to close over a week ago!

Rye Bay Fitness… members are keen to support it through the hard times.

“I’ve had multiple members happy to continue paying while the gym is shut, just to support it and ensure it stays open!

“I’ve even had one guy who is self-employed, with a wife and a baby less than ten weeks old, offer to buy a membership now… he wants to support the gym… there are plenty of good people around,” Gavin says.

Rye Bay Fitness – Rye’s only 24hour gym –

How about this? A trio of stories all in one!

A1 Quality Homecare is out and about in force looking after our dearly beloved and vulnerable family members, Assistant Manager Verna Irvin says: “…the carers are going all-out, selflessly, to deliver their care to the vulnerable and elderly. They are working longer hours to cover for those who are off…”.

A1 Quality Homecare

To ensure absolute safety for the staff, manager Zoe Rushden is searching high and low to ensure there’s enough PPE, or personal protective equipment, and to reassure her staff. It’s all about keeping team morale high and being on the front line with the team.

These face masks were donated free by Viv’s Bargains in Battle Road as soon as they heard they were needed and who they were for.

All these efforts are so appreciated by Verna, knowing she and the team are going into the homes of those who need the support “…with a smile,” and to reassure the elderly who are often quite scared of the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in!

Viv’s bargains – with A1 Quality Homecare –

How about those individuals, doing the little things to help people get by?

Well Courtney Medhurst is one of many doing just that! Supporting her vulnerable Nan by doing her shopping and following those social distancing rules, she drops the food off because it just isn’t safe to have her Nan out and about now. And when her friend had money stolen, Courtney was there to lend a helping hand with enough money to allow her friend to buy food for herself and her kids!

Just one of so many out there doing simple things to make a positive difference.

What about those isolated from support you ask?

I had a beautiful story come in from Darren McCann about his 70-year-old Stepfather who lives alone in a block of flats on West Hill Road: “Above him lives a young couple who are both fitness instructors, they’ve dropped notes through every door with their mobile number offering to do shopping or just have a chat, if they’re worried…any time, night or day.”

Then incredibly Darren’s Mum, Carol, who lives near the community centre in Ore, had a similar story: “The young couple above her did the same…placed a carrier bag outside her door with toilet roll, cleaning wipes, pasta and a chocolate bar,” says Darren who then summed it up so wonderfully saying, “Small things mean so much to people”.

One beautiful moment I wanted to share, the country came out in force at 8pm on the March 26th to appreciate the NHS – and every frontline service – with an applause to end all applauses, thank you to all of you dealing with one of the most difficult situations of the modern era, you are all incredible!

Have more examples of ordinary people doing extraordinary things? Let us know!

Daniel Robinson

If you know of a local hero whose good deed deserves to be highlighted you can email Daniel at

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