Our crumbling roads… it’s time something was done! Send us your pothole pictures… tell us what you think of the state of the town’s roads

Potholes… it’s a subject that everyone is talking about and we all know someone who has punctured a tyre, broken a wheel, or worse still damaged their suspension buy hitting a pothole.

Some of the roads around Hastings and St Leonards are fit to feature on the TV programme The World’s Worst Roads we’re saying it’s time something was done.

At the junction of Warrior Square and the seafront.

Confused.com reports that across the UK, in one year, potholes caused almost £3 million worth of damage to vehicles with more than 900,000 potholes reported on our roads.

East Sussex County Council says: “We inspect every road in East Sussex at least once a year but potholes can form quickly. When a pothole is reported to us we send one of our Highway Stewards to inspect the area as soon as possible and arrange repairs as necessary.”

Above and below – Ashbrook Road

You can report a pothole by following this link… Lets all start reporting them now!


And today we’re asking for your help to force OUR elected representatives to get something done.

Send us your photographs of the worst potholes in Hastings and St Leonards and next week we’ll tackle the Borough Council, the County Council our MP… we’ll tackle anyone who we think can exert some influence to get our roads repaired.

Above and below… potholes on Pevensey Road.

Remember too there are council elections in May so maybe it’s time for councillors to demonstrate what they can do through actions and not words.

You don’t need to travel very far in any direction to encounter a pothole and not just single ones either, they are forming in groups and you can see drivers carefully picking a path around them rather than through them.

Send us your pictures and tell us where they were taken, email them to tellmeyourstory@hastingsingsinfocus.co.uk or post them on social media at https://www.facebook.com/groups/525011657840898/

Hastings and St Leonards deserves better roads than the ones it has at the moment.

Have you had a listen to our great audio content yet? Just follow the link below…

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