‘Significant’ moment calls for ‘symbolic gesture’ says Lee

The UK’s departure from the European Union next week is an event that is “significant for each of us individually and as a town,” according to Councillor Rob Lee who leads the Conservative group on Hastings Borough Council (HBC).

And Mr Lee believes the council should mark the event with a “symbolic gesture”.

Rob Lee… the UK’s departure from the EU is ‘significant’

In an open letter, sent today to council leader Peter Chowney, Mr Lee has requested that the Union Jack be flown from the council offices at Muriel Matters House on January 31st to mark the UK’s departure from the EU.

He tells Mr Chowney: “As you know, the UK will leave the EU on January 31st. This is in response to the referendum result in 2016 which is the biggest democratic exercise ever undertaken in Britain… In Hastings the result was clear with 54.9 per cent of voters choosing to leave.”

Mr Lee concedes there is, “some debate still to be had” about what the future holds for the country following its withdrawal from the EU but says that it ” cannot be denied” that the moment of leaving is a significant one.

4 thoughts on “‘Significant’ moment calls for ‘symbolic gesture’ says Lee

  1. While I agree with Cllr Lee’s suggestion about the flag flying for Brexit. Not too sure the idea will go down well with the Labour lot after they lost so badly in the elections. And of course right on the doorstep too. After all many Labour people feel that was the sole reason for losing the election. As one local Labour councillor actually told me.
    Best of luck on that one. How about a Brexit parade too???

    1. … and lets not spend council funds for such a misguided reason. One should celebrate a win for a home team, or a new job or a birthday etc. not a politically driven event that is wrapped in controversy, divisiveness and political scandal. Shouldn’t the flag be flying constantly anyhow?

  2. Is it not the Union flag rather than the Union Jack? I do not doubt for a second this date will be marked and referred to many times in future when the history is written.

  3. I’m afraid you’re too right, Harold. To paraphrase the New York Times, it will be remembered as the anniversary of the time the UK went completely bonkers. . .

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