The finish line is within sight but who will win in Hastings & Rye

This morning we publish three new audio tracks, conversations we’ve had over the weekend with the three main-party candidates standing in the General Election.

None will stake a claim saying the parliamentary seat is theirs for the taking but listening to them carefully they confirm what national polls have been saying; that people are not necessarily planning to vote for the parties they might have traditionally votes for and that there are still a lot of people who, even just a couple of days away from the election itself, have still not made up their mind how to vote.

You can listen to the three candidates from this weekend by following these links…




To hear their full interviews follow these links…



2 thoughts on “The finish line is within sight but who will win in Hastings & Rye

  1. Witnessing the dirty tricks brigade whereby the Labour lefties are coming down here in droves to persuade the voters to vote for their party only makes many more determined than ever to vote for the Tory party. Many of us are sick and tired of being referred to as a deprived town and all the accompnaying epithets that go with this labelling…most seaside towns are struggling – it has always been difficult for these towns – but this continuous blame game whereby the leader of this council continuously puts the entire blame on whichever government is in power at the time really has worn thin now.
    Hastings is on the up and that is clear – so who is to ‘blame’ for this success???? Cllr. Chowney seems disinclined to accept that things have improved here. We do not want to take a backward step now. And a vote for Cllr. Peter Chowney will mean that this town is totally dominated by the Labour party and this is not a good prospect. We need a fairer distribution of political parties here and at the moment we do not have this. The entire council is Labour dominated and this is not a good feeling..

  2. Regarding Lady Marigold’s comment on the control Labour will have is something I totally agree on. If Cllr Chowney wins this it will be a “Totalitarian Borough.” And while an MP his reign of local control will still remain. I cannot see any of the electorate getting a fair resolution to any council issues/complaints they raise if this councillor becomes the local MP.
    Also with Labour having had control of the council for so long these Labour councillors know they can dominate the local scene. As we see wit the Bathing Pool development. The solar panel farm in the Country Park. Rocklands landslip. Anything connected with SeaSpace developments. And having the control for so many years has propagated far too much opacity and secrecy.
    On another level how this party on a local level has made manifesto claims, I am well aware are not accurate. That is putting it in a polite way. Once you discover a serious discrepancy in their claims it would suggest you need to be very aware of their true integrity.

    While readers of my comment may think I am just a Labour basher, I have to say the Conservatives are not a that an impressive lot from a local perspective either. What a pliant group they are who rarely take up any controversial issues such as those I have mentioned.

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