Stop 5G candidate will be on the ballot when voters go to the polls

Stopping the roll-out of the 5G mobile network is the top priority of an independent candidate standing in the general Election.

Just after 5pm tonight we discovered that four candidates will contest the Hastings and Rye constituency when the General Election is held on December 12th.

In addition to the three candidates who had already started their campaigns Paul Edward Crosland will also be on the ballot paper.

Screenshot 2019-11-14 19.09.49
Paul Crosland who is standing as an independent in the General Election.

Writing on his Facebook page tonight he said: “I don’t have just one answer that’s going to meet the concern about the Tories getting back in because of my candidacy. I’m committed to giving an account after the election of what I know then of where my votes came from and meanwhile I see signs of votes coming my way from people who would have voted Tory in equal numbers to those who would otherwise have voted Labour.

“I believe that some of the important conversations to hold are going to be those tuning into the whole spectrum of dissatisfaction with what people feel they are unable to express by just having the single vote and the current list of candidates. I want to help shape dissatisfaction with the democratic deficit into meaningful steps people can take to build connections and collective power in grassroots actions.

“It will take all eight of the A5 sides of the election mailing to hopefully develop a sense of getting power back, starting perhaps with putting up the simple enclosed poster: ‘I would like the right not to be irradiated beyond 4G’. 

“I cannot provide a complete reply to a concern of – presently unknown to me – others; my practice is to find individual ways with each individual to acknowledge their concerns, find common ground in what human needs we’re all trying to meet and encourage the kind of creativity and caring that gets us beyond the positions in which we had in some way negated the other”. Perhaps too nebulous until it’s a lived experience. The general idea is “I don’t know best, we know better.”

Mr Crosland has also published on Facebook a letter he sent yesterday to Labour’s Peter Chowney, offering to withdraw his candidacy if Mr Chowney contacted him: “With a clear commitment from you by 2pm (today) that meets with the approval of key figures in the Hastings Stop5G group, during the following two hours I would of course withdraw from this election by 4pm.”

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