Will People’s Vote endorsement boost Labour in Hastings and Rye?

People’s Vote – the organisation that mobilised thousands of people in mass protests in London calling for a second referendum – has endorsed Peter Chowney Labour’s candidate for Hastings and Rye.

People’s Vote will be advising all those who want another chance to have their say on Britain’s future relationship with the European Union to vote tactically in support of Mr Chowney in the upcoming general election on December 12th.

“We are very happy with this endorsement,” Mr Chowney told Hastings In Focus this morning.

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Peter Chowney has been endorsed today by the People’s Vote group.

“It is good news for Labour. People’s Vote has recognised that we are in the best position in Hastings and Rye to provide an alternative to the hard Brexit offered by the Conservatives.

“It is also good news for the country. A Labour government will renegotiate a Brexit deal that guarantees jobs and rights currently enjoyed as a member of the EU and we have pledged to put that deal to the British people within six months – with remain as an option on the ballot.

“I will be campaigning to remain and Labour is offering people a real choice – and one that will draw a line under this divisive debate so the country can move on and enable us to tackle the injustices in our society after nine years of Tory rule.”

While the endorsement by People’s Vote could be seen to spike the guns of Liberal Democrat candidate Nick Perry, who has repeatedly declared that he is the only remain candidate standing locally he hit back today saying: “Local people must use their judgement about which candidate will best represent remain here in Hastings and Rye. Our own data based on this year’s actual election results and additional independent polling suggests that there is a Liberal Democrat surge here, largely based on our consistent policy position of resisting Brexit.

“Local Labour is accepting an endorsement from a campaign it has been totally silent on. I am sure that ‘remainers’ will be well aware of that as they cast their vote in this General Election.”

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One thought on “Will People’s Vote endorsement boost Labour in Hastings and Rye?

  1. If Peter Chowney really is concerned by social injustices he needs to look very carefully at his own council…allowing developments to go up without any proper provision for affordable or social housing…just take a look at all the developments here – how many are truly affordable? Borrowing millions on very questionable projects none of which provides anything for locals…when you vote on 12 December…think carefully where you put your cross…it is absoiutely crucial that we do not permit a total Labour enclave down here. And more people voted LEAVE in Hastings – so all this talk about a second referendum is cocking a snook at democracy.

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