Lee confirms bid for Tory nomination in Hastings and Rye as parties draw up their battle plans

This morning on Radio Sussex Rob Lee, the leader of the Conservative group on Hastings Borough Council (HBC), confirmed that he has thrown his hat in the ring to become the Conservative candidate for Hastings and Rye.

Members of the local Labour and Liberal Democratic parties appear to expect either Mr Lee or Rother councillor Sally-Ann Hart to win the Conservative nomination.

In the meantime we though it might be interesting to dive in to the archive and hear what Labour’s Peter Chowney, the Liberal democrat’s Nick Perry and Mr Lee told Hastings In Focus last year as they fought it out for seats on HBC.

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3 thoughts on “Lee confirms bid for Tory nomination in Hastings and Rye as parties draw up their battle plans

  1. If chowney wins this town is headed for a seriously sharp downward spiral…it will be back to the bad old days. Such a shame.

  2. Councillor Lee running for local MP !!! I hate to think and say this but I would not be going to William Hill’s to put a bet in him winning. Not the most charismatic of people. Has not really challenged the local Labour party during his term despite a plethora of issues he could have gone public on. Are there enough serious Brexit voters in the borough to carry him through ?

    And his failing to answer emails on a regular basis does not give any potential voter much confidence does it.

  3. Mr Lee, I agree with very much of what you say. As a Hastings person of over thirty years I saw the bad days of when the Tory (Tesco heiress woman, remember her)? sent people out of Westminster to sleep on Hastings beach, amongst other areas. And most recently. on it is a LEAVE voting area, Amanda Rudd promised to RESPECT the leave vote, then proclaimed REMAIN! So much trust has been lost amongst the local people.
    But could I give you a word of advice. GO AND GET A MADE TO MEASURE SUIT!. I know it should not be of importance, BUT IT DOES MATTER; to be HONEST with the sound turned down, you look like a fat drunken slob in the above interview. If you do not care about a smart image, dress in casual well fitting clothes.
    Meanwhile, would you like to know how the Council could make millions of pounds, and contribute to the ‘GREEN’ issue. In other words renewable energy and a regular income that pays for it. You don’t believe me? Very well, your loss. Contact me.

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