Rudd backs rebel Letwin amendment as large Hastings contingent march to remain

Hastings’ outgoing MP Amber Rudd yesterday voted against the government and backed the rebel amendment that scuppered the Prime Minister’s chances of passing a new Brexit deal.

And while the drama unfolded inside parliament, outside a claimed one million people gathered to march on Parliament, demanding that any deal agreed by our MPs is put to the people in a confirmatory referendum.

Protesters pressed towards Parliament Square at exactly the time that the Prime Minister was trying to persuade MPs to vote for his newly agreed deal.

Ms Rudd backed the Letwin amendment – a move to delay agreement of the deal in order to scrutinise it properly – but said on Twitter that she was disappointed that the Government ‘withdrew the opportunity to show support for the new deal’ which she thought would have passed.

Attending the march, the Liberal Democrat’s prospective parliamentary candidate fro Hastings Nick Perry, said: “It was wonderful to be among so many people from every walk of life who are as passionate as I am about retaining our membership of the European Union.

“I am extremely grateful to everyone who has travelled from Hastings, St Leonards and Rye today to make their voices heard. What a day we have had!

“And I am pleased to see that Amber Rudd voted for the Letwin amendment. But her comment about wanting the Government to have got its deal through today was bizarre. This is a very bad deal for our constituency, and Amber must know it. It will smash our local economy, worsen deprivation, and no doubt kill off our fishery. It is a shame she can’t be honest and say so.”

2 thoughts on “Rudd backs rebel Letwin amendment as large Hastings contingent march to remain

  1. Well done Amber Rudd. Showing just how you refuse to accept the majority vote on this issue and how democracy means nothing to you.
    I hate to think where you are going to go if there is a general election. After doing this I know of quite few who will not be voting for you. No point in voting for a “Turncoat” is there. They cannot be trusted.

  2. Well well – so Amber Rudd voted against Boris but at the same time she said she was disppointed that the government withdrew the opportunity to show support for the new deal…now call me stupid but what on earth does she mean…her vote against Boris was against the new deal…is this woman for real? Maybe it is best that she is moving on away from Hastings – making wild statements like that is neither useful nor ornamental..
    The country voted LEAVE and that was a democratic vote….

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