A man ‘Of Few Words’ with something important to say

Local poet Lucas Howard has launched a crowdfunding campaign for his debut collection Of Few Words.

A veteran performer and designer by trade, Lucas’ book combines his twin passions in a stunningly illustrated coffee table book. To fund this, a pre-order campaign has been set up with Margate-based publisher Whisky & Beards Publishing, with a target of £850.

Connor Sansby, Editor-in-Chief, Whisky & Beards Publishing says: “We’re totally behind Lucas on this. We think it’s important that artists like Lucas get the shot to make the work that represents their experience.

“We’re happy to try new things to make sure Lucas can share his work with the world in the most appropriate format,”

Lucas has made huge contributions to the spoken work community over the last 15 years, from organising gigs like Hastings’ Slam Dunk to offering mentorship and networking opportunities to emerging artists, but poetry has also helped him on a more personal level.

  • Poetry hasn’t come easily to Lucas, dealing with dyslexia and the related anxiety, and he hopes Of Few Words will help others like him.

    Lucas told Hastings In Focus: “I have always found it impossible to read a whole page of a book without there being a visual element of some kind. When my brain sees a body of text, it just switches off. It’s my wish to make a book of poetry for people like me.”

    Pre-order packages planned range from £4.99 for the e-book to £100 for a private performance with Lucas. Rather than commit to a closing date, Whisky & Beards have promised to keep pre-orders open until the printing costs for the book are covered.

    Further information visit the link below

  • To see Lucas in action follow these YouTube links

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