‘Silent’ Rudd challenged over Johnson shutdown threat

Amber Rudd is being challenged over what her opponents describe as her ‘about-face’ on Brexit and why she supports the suspension of Parliament by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The Hastings and Rye MP has ‘let down’ the people of Hastings and Rye, according to a joint statement by Labour’s Peter Chowney, the Liberal Democrats’ Nick Perry and Julia Hilton of the Green Party.

The three are due to sign a joint letter to the Work and Pensions Secretary on Saturday at St Mary in the Castle and will be inviting the public to sign too, to show their disapproval of what her opponents see as Ms Rudd’s ‘broken promises’.

With events in parliament moving very fast this week Messers Chowney, Perry and Hilton feel that: “…with Johnson’s manoeuvrings, anything could happen.”

The letter to be signed reads:

As we meet to sign this letter, the country is still reeling from an unprecedented attack on the sovereignty of Parliament – by its own Government.

We were in agreement with you when, back in June, you were interviewed on Hastings Pier and condemned any attempt to stop Parliament doing its job of protecting the best interests of the British people, British businesses and our public services.

You said: “I think it’s outrageous to consider proroguing parliament. We are not Stuart kings.”

Imagine our profound disappointment that you not only accepted a position in Boris Johnson’s government and abandoned your Remainer convictions, but have now said nothing in opposition to the Prime Minister’s decision to prorogue Parliament.

You have, in our view, let yourself, and the people of Hastings and Rye down.

We, the under-signed, now demand that you resign from Boris Johnson’s Cabinet.

If you will not, you should have the courage to explain to the constituency, in writing, the reasons for your refusal, and for your public silence on this most crucial of issues. We look forward to your swift response.

Mr Chowney says: “Proroguing parliament is a desperate attempt to force through a no-deal Brexit that no-one voted for, with Boris Johnson showing all the qualities of a medieval tyrant. As recently as June, Amber Rudd seemed to agree with that.

“I cannot understand why she has abandoned all her principles so quickly.  We need an explanation about why what was so unacceptable a couple of months ago is now apparently fine. Can she really be that desperate to hang on to her job?”

A Labour-led Stop the Coup protest is also being planned for this Friday afternoon, with a march from the Asda supermarket in Silverhill to Ms Rudd’s constituency office nearby.

One local Conservative has already come out criticising Labour’s decision to protest outside the Tory party’s offices, James Dee said: “Very disappointed to see @HastingsRyeLab organising a protest that’ll disrupt an advice surgery being held by the local MP.

“This is where some of the most vulnerable people come for support from their MP!”

Screenshot 2019-09-04 10.33.19
James Dee’s plea on Twitter for the Labour party to reconsider its plans for Friday.

One thought on “‘Silent’ Rudd challenged over Johnson shutdown threat

  1. Clearly Amber Rudd decided it was futile to prolong the agony of this debacle and therefore did the right thing by supporting the prime minister in the hope that we could reach a decision to end this ridiculous saga. Those who criticsize Amber have themselves defied democratic processes in Parliament. Shame on those people who cannot accept the democratic vote of the majority in this country – the majority voted to Leave – the Remainers have brought shame on our democratic processes.

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