Hastings Contemporary – well worth the ‘Monet’

Relaunched this month as Hastings Contemporary, the former Jerwood Gallery opened its doors with an exciting programme featuring two major exhibitions of work by the international contemporary artist Tal R and British painter Roy Oxlade.

One of the first visitors was local MP Amber Rudd who was shown around the gallery by its director Liz Gilmore.

Ms Rudd says she visited in order to further promote the gallery, which is, she pointed out, an important part of Hastings. The exhibitions are sure to bring in more tourists to Hastings due to the reputations and interest in the artists.

Ms Rudd said: “I would highly recommend people to visit Hastings Contemporary and see these brilliant exhibitions. Having internationally renowned artists show their work here in Hastings is credit to the great work those involved in the gallery have done in recent months. I look forward to hearing about the popularity of the exhibitions grow, which Hastings will certainly benefit from”.

ART gallery 1
Amber Rudd MP at the Hastings Comtemporary

The gallery opened on the July 2nd and champions modern and contemporary art in an international context through an ambitious expanded programme and explores all forms of modern and contemporary art, as well as continuing to champion the medium of painting, for which it has built a strong reputation.

Tal R’s exhibition is currently their main exhibition. His exhibition ‘Eventually all museums will be ships’ fits perfectly into Hastings seaside setting.

The gallery also has a café overlooking the beach and Hastings fishing fleet, which is a perfect location to relax on a summers day.

Hastings Contemporary is a registered charity and every penny it makes goes towards its running costs. The support from its visitors, members, patrons and donors helps enable the gallery to deliver its artistic programme and to continue and develop the learning and participation programme which engages over 2,000 children and young people from Hastings and the surrounding area every year.

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