Ore Valley Campus is a ‘model of excellence’

Solar panels on the roof of the Ore Valley Campus of East Sussex College will save over £5,000 a year on energy costs.

Hastings MP Amber Rudd is encouraging more schools and businesses to copy the example set by Ore Valley which at one stage this month was generating 76 per cent of its energy needs from the new solar panels.

Ms Rudd visited the Ore Valley Campus as part of her campaign to encourage more renewable energy sources throughout Hastings and Rye. The college has installed more than 1,000 solar panels on its roof.

Speaking during her visit MsRudd said: “The Ore Valley campus is a model of excellence.

“We need more renewable energy sources, because it’s good for our environment but also good for saving on energy costs. It has already paid dividends, not only in terms of carbon reduction but has also provided much cheaper energy to the college.

“I’d encourage all schools, businesses, and other community groups in our towns to get in touch with Energise Sussex Coast to set up their own local renewable energy sources.”

Ms Rudd also visited St Leonards Academy which has the potential to become one of the biggest solar arrays at a school anywhere in the country. The academy is one of 15 University of Brighton Academies Trust schools across East Sussex which will have free solar panels installed by Energise Sussex Coast, Ovesco, and Brighton Energy Co-op.

During the visit, she was put under fire by questions from engaged teenagers at the school who wanted to know what she was doing to promote green energy as the MP for Hastings and Rye.

Ms Rudd told them: “I know the environment is one of the most important issues for young people and it is for me also. I am pleased to be part of a Government which is striving to be our greenest yet, banning single use plastics and committing the nation to becoming totally carbon and emission free by 2050.”

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