Amber ‘on a mission’ to protect business in the town – but is it too little too late?

Just days after Hastings Borough Council (HBC) announced plans to tighten up on anti-social behaviour around the town MP Amber Rudd says she is “on a mission” to protect businesses.

Amber Huw Network Rail
MP Amber Rudd – on a mission to protect the town’s businesses from anti-social behaviour.

Ms Rudd has been approached by several businesses in Robertson Terrace and Carlisle Parade who have complained that anti-social behaviour has been affecting their day to day business, with many of those complaints focussing on street drinking as the cause of anti-social behaviour.

Following visits to affected businesses, Ms Rudd said: “It essential that we do not let the poor behaviour of a few individuals affect the businesses and hardworking people in our town.

“I am determined to work with the affected businesses and HBC to raise this issue higher up the local agenda. I have been reporting my findings directly to the police and I am confident we can all work together to ensure this disruption does not continue.

“I am optimistic that the levels of anti-social behaviour will reduce, and I will call a summit later in the year to discuss progress on this matter.”

Later today Ms Rudd tour the area and plans to visit several businesses before concluding her factfinding tour at Astral Lodge. She will be accompanied by Inspector Aidan Cornwall from Sussex Police and HBC Councillor Judy Rogers.

Earlier this week HBC announced tighter regulations to clamp down on anti-social behaviour saying that was as a result of feedback organisations and businesses across the town. 

Colin Fitzgerald, lead councillor for environmental services said: “…there have been changes to the type of anti-social behaviour in Hastings and where it occurs across the borough.”

If comment to our story earlier this week about the HBC changes are anything to go by then local people want to see action and not words, writing on the Hastings In Focus website, Polly said: “Does this mean that we residents of Seaside Road and surrounding areas still have to put up with druggies and alcoholics living on our seafront in caravans

“They don’t want to live anywhere else… the poor old people that reside in the nursing home opposite can no longer go and sit in their lovely seafront shelter any more – shame on this council.”

While Rose Alexander is sceptical about how the tighter regulations will be implemented: “Who’s going to implement it? Never seen it happen in the Old Town, enforcement officers walk straight past, the Police drive straight past. I’ll wait with baited breath.”

Steve Rodrick shares this view saying: “This amounts to sod all. Just words. Neither HBC nor the police will do anything. For a start it means HBC having enforcement officers and our coppers will have to get out of their cars. I can’t see it happening.”

Didge White says: “They’ve let it go too far… too little too late I’m afraid!”

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