Local parks among the ‘best in the world’

Alexandra Park, St Leonards Gardens and Hastings Country Park have been recognised by the Green Flag Award Scheme as some of the very best in the world.

St Leonards Gardens 08The three sites in Hastings and St Leonards are among a record-breaking 1,970 UK parks and green spaces and 131 in 13 other countries around the world that will today receive a prestigious Green Flag Award – the mark of a quality park.

This international award, now into its third decade, is a sign to the public that the space boasts the highest possible environmental standards, is beautifully maintained and has excellent visitor facilities.

Colin Fitzgerald, Hastings Borough Council’s lead member for environmental services said: “We are absolutely delighted to receive a Green Flag Award again in recognition of excellent park management.

“Our parks are fantastic places for all our residents and visitors to enjoy all year round.  The council is extremely proud to again receive green flag awards for three outstanding parks in the town.

“The awards recognise our parks are maintained to the highest standards in the UK. I would like to thank the dedication and hard work of all our staff and contractors who make these parks the special places they are.”

Heathland restoration at Warren Glen, Hastings Country Park
Staff and volunteers work tirelessly to maintain the high standards demanded by the Green Flag Award

“We know how much quality green spaces matter to residents and visitors, and this award celebrates the dedication that goes into maintaining our parks to such a high standard.”

Alexandra Park and St Leonards Gardens have also received the much coveted additional Green Heritage Site Accreditation for the management of the historic features

International Green Flag Award scheme manager Paul Todd said: “It’s fantastic that we have more Green Flag Awards in the UK than ever before, joined this year by 131 International winners.”

“Each flag honours the thousands of staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to maintain the high standards demanded by the Green Flag Award. We congratulate each and every winner on their fantastic achievement.”

4 thoughts on “Local parks among the ‘best in the world’

  1. Councillor Fitzgerald says: “We are absolutely delighted to receive a Green Flag Award again in recognition of excellent park management.”

    The Rocklands debacle is testimony to the systemic mismanagement of the Country Park. HBC continue to abuse information regulations to ensure that reports commissioned at public expense remain secret.

    Ecclesbourne Glen lies in ruins and is closed for the seventh year running whilst HBC continues to wash its hands of any responsibility and refuses to take any action.

    I wonder if the Green Flag Inspectors have visited the Country Park?
    Giving the Green Flag award to our Country Park and ithise who manage it casts doubt on the value of the Green Flag awards.

  2. I am somewhat baffled how the Country Park has received this accolade when as mentioned Ecclesbourne Glenn / Rocklands remains a disaster following the landslip. And how the council has entirely turned its back on this mess. How they do anything to avoid discussing it or as we know allowing the public to see geo-technical reports stating they are confidential and not for the public eye. Yet making out it was all just a natural phenomenon and some act of God.

    How will this award fare in the future if HBC and the Labour councillors get to have their massive solar panel farm?
    One thing I would like to know is how much money HBC spends on this park per annum as all of it is subcontracted out. And some invoice copies I have had sight of there was a charge of over £800 to “replace a kissing gate.” Seems extortionate to me unless it was some rare wood or maybe Titanium metal ???

  3. Good points raised here about OUR country Park – how indeed does this council appear to pull the wool over these Green Flag inspectors eyes….as pointed out Ecclesbourne Glen has been closed for seven years now and we are non the wiser as to the cause of this major landslip or what remedial action will be initiated to restore this historic and important area. To give this award to the Country Park is an insult to the public’s intelligence and it is high time the Green Flag people woke up to what has happened and what continues to happen up there.

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