Free beer! Beatz beats the drum in stigma busting weekend fitness plan

Free beers are on offer for local men this weekend and all they have to do to claim one is take part in a Beatz Fitness dance class.

“Men are always welcome to any of our classes at any time, but there seems to be such a stigma when it comes to men and dance fitness classes!” says Joanne Clark one of the women behind this weekend’s free beer offer.

64616911_429383837617410_7121105443769810944_nHowever there’s another element to the deal, Joanne is aiming to raise money for a very special charity that is leading a movement against male suicide – the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK.

The Campaign Against Living Miserably – better known as CALM – is trying to reduce suicide rates of male suicide which are on the increase, Joanne says: “This is mainly down to the fact men just don’t talk about the fact they are going through tough times. It’s a big stigma that needs to be addressed!”

Figures published by CALM show that one man dies every two hours in the UK as a result of suicide a recent report by The Samaritans said reasons why men take their own lives include relationships breaking down, separation from children, job loss, addiction, lack of close friendships, loneliness and being unable to open up.

Screenshot 2019-06-24 13.58.49So that’s why Beatz fitness 1066 has decided to try and do something and that’s why it is running this weekend’s special event. Joanne says she is trying to entice men to join in and dance for just one weekend, and at the same time raise awareness and cash to help CALM carry on its good work.

The sessions to mark in your diary are on Friday (June 28th) at 7.30pm and on Sunday (June 30th) at 10am. Both sessions will be in the Pebsham Community Centre on Seabourne Road.

“We want men to come along and join us and show that the can BEATZ two stigmas at one time by dancing with us! It’s really easy to follow and more importantly it’s lots of fun!” says Joanne.

It costs £4 per single ticket or £6 for a pair – but one of the pair must be male for the offer to apply! And of course every man who completes a session will be entitled to a free beer!

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