The Battle for Hastings… the winners and losers of the Euro poll

In the most hotly contested European Parliamentary elections ever the result in Hastings Borough mirrored the way the vote went nationally.

The big winners were the Brexit Party, The Greens and the Liberal Democrats while the big losers were the Conservative and Labour parties

The full breakdown of votes in Hastings borough was:

  • The Brexit Party 8,977 – 37 per cent
  • Green Party 4,480 – 18 per cent
  • Liberal Democrats 4,415 – 18 per cent
  • Labour Party 3,462 – 14 per cent
  • Conservative Party 1,653 – seven per cent
  • Change UK 712 – three per cent
  • UK Independence Party 587 – two per cent
  • The Socialist Party of Great Britain 77 – less than one per cent

Such was the success of the Brexit Party that together Conservative and Labour votes were just 56 per cent of what the winning party amassed and its total of 8,977 was more than double the number of votes achieved by the Greens in second place.

However Hastings Green party Julia Hilton was happy with the result locally, nationally and across Europe as a whole where the Green message is beginning to cut through with voters.

In the UK the Green party increased its number of MEPs from three to seven. Locally the party’s volunteers handed out close to 10,000 leaflets and Ms Hilton says she feels the visit by Alexandra Phillips – one of the new Green MEPs representing the south east – to Hastings the weekend before the elections paid dividends.

She hopes her party can use the significant increase in its support to bring about lasting change and help people to understand the simple steps they can take to make a significant and positive impact to society.

For the Liberal Democrats they claim to be the lead ‘remain’ party in the wider Hastings & Rye area. Neck and neck with the Green Party in the Hastings Borough, the Lib Dems won a clear second place in Rother District.

Former parliamentary candidate for Hastings & Rye Nick Perry said: “Our vote share increased in Hastings alone by a whopping 13.6 per cent, this is our best ever result locally, regionally and nationally.

“We are clearly the number one party for remainers right across the Hastings & Rye seat, and will continue to do everything that we can to stop Brexit!”

Nick Perry (centre) and other members of the local Lib Dems celebrate what hey see as their significant success.

Sole incumbent Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder has been joined by 15 more Lib Dem MEPs, including Antony Hook and Judith Bunting in South East England.

Mr Perry added: “I want to thank all those people who have voted Liberal Democrat… thank you for your support. We will continue the fight for a People’s Vote, and to stop Brexit. There is no better deal that the UK could have than membership of a reformed, more accountable European Union.”

One thought on “The Battle for Hastings… the winners and losers of the Euro poll

  1. Why is Nick Perry against democracy all of a sudden? The majority voted to LEAVE the EU and here he goes trying to overturn a democratic vote – this man needs to look at what he is advocating. And the proof is in the pudding (as they say) because over 36% of voters in Hastings voted for BREXIT – what does this tell you? It tells you that the public are not happy to see politicians trying to reverse their majority vote just because they did not like the outcome..

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