Green party brings its battle bus – electric of course – to town

You’ve been invited to come along and meet Green Party lead candidate for the South East Alexandra Phillips when she arrives in Hastings tomorrow.

Ms Phillips is currently a Green Party councillor in Brighton and Deputy Mayor of Brighton and Hove, she will be arriving in town at 3pm tomorrow travelling on a big green electric bus. The bus will stop at St Leonards Warrior Square from 3 – 4pm and East Parade opposite the boating lake from 4 – 5pm.

The youngest elected councillor on Brighton and Hove Council, Ms Phillips has served on the authority for over a decade and has worked extensively with Caroline Lucas in Brussels, a party spokesman says she brings a wealth of experience in European Green politics.

Alexandra Phillips, the Green Party lead candidate for the South East, arrives in Hastings tomorrow in a bus that is 100 per cent electric.

The Green Party will be fielding ten candidates in the South East region, there has been a Green Party MEP representing the South East of England for 20 years: Caroline Lucas from 1999 and Keith Taylor MEP from 2010 until his retirement this month.

At the recent local elections, the Green Party saw a 273 per cent increase in councillors across the UK, the highest percentage increase of any party. The party is hoping not only that Ms Phillips will win the seat vacated by Mr Taylor, but that other South East Green candidates will also win seats.

Ms Phillips said: “I’m looking forward to meeting people in Hastings on Sunday afternoon. These elections are incredibly important. Brexit, the climate emergency and the chaos at the top of British politics put us at a defining moment in our history. There’s never been a more important time to vote for Greens in Europe.

“Not only will we carry the ‘Remain flag’: we are also the only party that will truly grapple with the issues of climate change. The UK’s other political parties still want to kick the solutions into the long grass, they want the next generation to solve the climate crisis but we all know that it has to be tackled now.

“Greens in Europe will take on the big issues and help to hand the next generation a healing world, rather than a worsening problem.”

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