Promoting active travel – join the Greenway Group walk on Saturday

There’s another chance to join Hastings Greenway Group this weekend and join a walk that will take-in a route from the Conquest Hospital to Alexandra Park following the route of the greenway.

To be part of the walk those wishing to join it should meet at the Coffee Box cafe at Kings Church, opposite the Conquest Hospital. Walkers will follow a route through the hospital grounds to Old Road Road then on to Ghyllside Drive and in to Alexandra Park, the return route will take walkers through Old Roar Gill.

The local Greenway Group will also be launching its new leaflet this weekend which outlines the routes for five separate walks around the town

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 15.51.46
Part of the new leaflet that will be launched this weekend.

Hastings Greenway Group brings together local walkers and cyclists and they have been campaigning for many years to embed into Hastings a network of safe routes for cycling and walking. Some of the routes have been part of the local plan since 2014 and while some design work has been commissioned by East Sussex Country Council they have still to be implemented.

Hastings Greenway Group hopes that by publicising the routes they can raise their profile in the local community.

A spokesman for the Greenway Group said: “With our roads getting more congested, our air more polluted and our bodies more unhealthy, we urgently need to promote active travel. Safe, pleasant traffic free routes are key to persuading more people to leave their cars at home for short journeys. Please join us in our campaign to get these routes built in Hastings. We are a voluntary group and the routes shown in our leaflet are not yet formally promoted or adopted as cycle routes.”

  • Download the new Hastings Greenway Group leaflet by clicking the link below…
  • GreenwayGroupMap

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