Superheroes brought to life – wrestlers plan thrilling spectacle for local crowds

It’s almost a year since we first wrote about Extreme World Wrestling – at the time we said the Hastings based wrestlers were playing a big part in the revival of the sport in the UK.

Well the march of EWW under Stu and Tarnya Allen continues. The EWW crew is just back from a show in the Midlands at the weekend and they are gearing up for their next local show being staged in Sussex Coast College Hastings, in just over two weeks time.

51290661_10157027265774214_7410282924634800128_oIf 2018 was one of the busiest years in EWW’s 20 year history the pace shows no signs of slowing in 2019 and big Stu, who wrestles as ‘The Dominator’, is proud of the way the members of his team are growing and developing and are in demand by promotions in other parts of the UK.

However, the show in Hastings on March 16th is going to be a bit special. There will be the usual big names including Bobbi Tyler and Priscilla Queen of the Ring, who caused a storm of interest when he wrestled at the EWW 20th anniversary show in October, but the backbone of the event will be the showcasing of local talent – allowing the young men and women who invest their blood, sweat and tears in honing their wrestling skills every week of the year, to put their burgeoning talent on show for everyone to see.

Stu and Tarnya have complete faith in their wrestler’s ability to shine under the spotlight on the night, “We’ve got a huge amount of faith in our home grown local talent,” says Stu.

Rising star Taylor ‘Lupo’ Lee who we featured last year will be defending his championship belt against Corvus in what is expected to be a high-flying and tough match for both men who will give it everything they’ve got to keep the crowd entertained.

It’s always a packed show at Sussex Coast College.

Priscilla Queen of the Ring is very much back by public demands says Stu. His unique style which includes a carefully choreographed entrance and several costume changes during his bout was a huge hit with the crowd at EWW’s October show. Bobbi Tyler is the other big name headlining the bill on March 16th and she’s coming over from Japan to take part.

“She is a big star in Japan,” says Stu, “she is a villain and I’m sure the local fans are going to love watching her.”

Local talent will be getting its chance in other areas on the night too. While renowned referee Marc Paz Parry will be the main man on the night, Jamie Minihane who has been training with EWW will be on hand to help out and assist Marc if things get too far out of control and the referees will be doing something a little bit special on the night… all Stu will say is that ‘Refelution’ will spice things up a bit.

Marc ‘Paz’ Parry who will be trying to keep things under control on the night.

There is a huge amount of effort that goes in to staging a wrestling show and Stu is particular about the lighting and the sound system that they will be using. The effort too comes from those performing on the night because the high standard of wrestling that people will see at an EWW show is becoming recognised around the country as some of the best there is.

Stu, who has been wrestling since he was a teenager, is thrilled to see the sport that he loves having a renaissance. He says the increased interest in wrestling is not just reflected in the bigger audiences that he now sees coming to his shows but also in the increasing number of people turning up at his training sessions on a Sunday and Tuesday every week to learn the craft.

If you are interested in finding out more Stu’s training schools run at the Fighting Tigers Gym in Hastings between 2pm and 4pm on a Sunday and on Tuesday nights from 8pm, for 16 year olds and over and if you want to hear more from Stu himself he produces a regular podcast available from his website or through iTunes called Stiff Right Hand.

Tickets for the March 16th show are on sale at Hastings Tourist Information, from Skarlett’s Cafe in Battle or by using the ticket hotline 07808 218 262.

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