Favourites from 2018 – winning recognition for Harold and Edith

There’s a rather anonymous white marble statue in West Marina Gardens and back in April we heard that local man Ian Jarman was raising money to preserve it.

But what was the statue all about, even people who had lived all their lives in Hastings and St Leonards were far from sure what it represented so we set about finding out.

The statue is of King Harold and his wife Edith the Fair, also known as Edith Swanneck. It represents Edith discovering the body of her husband on the battlefield the day after the Battle of Hastings.

To find out more click the links below and in 2019 we’ll bring you details of the progress Mr Jarman is making in creating signage to explain the statue and to create a shelter that will protect the marble from the elements

All for the love of Edith – West Marina statue is of ‘national significance’

The anonymous statue of King Harold and his wife Edith the Fair in West Marina Gardens.

Recognition for Edith – sign the petition now!

Jarman/Beaney at the statue
Councillor Karl Beaney met Ian Jarman in West Marina Gardens earlier this year to hear about his ideas for the statue of Harold and Edith

Recognition for Harold and Edith moves one step closer

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