Hastings Youth Awards celebrate our local stars

More than 240 people attended a ceremony last weekend to mark the return of the Hastings Youth awards, a celebration of our local young people.

There were awards to individuals but recognition went too to what were deemed to be ‘outstanding’ youth organisations, these included Gizmo Kids, Hastings Woodchips, Hastings and Rother YMCA, Xavier Ralph, Hastings Girl Guiding, Education Futures Trust,  Tornado Twirl Stars, U-Th Records, Breadcrumbs, Grace Ridger, Egg Tooth, Play Hastings Play Days Volunteers,  and the Glee Club, all these organisations were recognised for their talent and contributions to the community

Hastings play days volunteers Hastings youth awards 2018
Hastings Play Days Volunteers’ – also in the photo is the Mayor Councillor Nigel Sinden and Councillor Andy Batsford.

The event was held at Sussex Coastal College on Sunday. Parents, friends of those being recognised as well as local dignitaries attended the evening which featured a wide variety of entertainment.

Mayor of Hastings councillor Nigel Sinden opened the event saying: “Hastings Youth Council once again did a wonderful job of planning and delivering an exciting event to showcase the diversity and creativity of the Hastings youth scene.”

While chair of Hastings Youth Council Jordan Beeney told is audience: ““The Hastings Youth Council is dedicated to improving the Hastings area for the young people in it and the Hastings Youth Awards are, in a sense, a reflection of that by acknowledging the accomplishments of organisations, groups and individuals who make a positive impact in the community.

“We help broadcast their aims and contributions to others and help highlight their importance to those who may have never heard of them. It also allows us, in the council the opportunity to be informed by those awarded about how we can help them in the future, such as through the use of grants”

the breadcrumbs- Hastings youth awards 2018 small
The Breadcrumbs’ – a group of local young people who spent their summer doing the National Citizen Service, and have put together a care package for underprivileged young people.

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