Let there be light, let there be sound – it was a night to remember

Crowds flocked to Bottle Alley on Friday evening for the great ‘Sound and Light’ experience.

Combining great music from some great bands and the stunning colourful light display along Bottle Alley that people have come to know and love, all the ingredients were there for a stunning night of entertainment.

The revolutionary double deck promenade that provided the evening’s stage  was built in the early 1930s by Hastings’ famous engineer Sidney Little who loved using reinforced concrete in his construction projects. Bottle Alley stretches the half-mile long from Warrior Square to Hastings Pier. The rear walls on the lower deck are famously faced with glass from broken bottles and it’s still possible to read the makers names that were embossed in the glass..

Photographer Sid Saunders helped out setting up the very first Sound and Light Experience on the beach, he said: “The feedback I got from the public shows that the event was a great success.”

Sid says that several people’s efforts need special mention: “I would like to thank everybody who made it the success that it was but I do need to name some of them; Garry Fellows and Mike Raxworthy for thinking about it in the first place and for having the courage to put it on for the benefit of all to enjoy, “Sarah Lawlor pier manager for keeping the restaurant open while the event was running so that the public could have hot food and drinks plus the use of the toilets.

“1066 Country Marketing, Hastings High Street Traders and Hastings Borough Council and the marshalls who were on hand for the safety of the public.

“The wonderful Swing Street Orchestra on stage and the fabulous Kavemen who rocked and closed the show they all deserve praise.”

Sid says he was taking photographs for most of the day to try to give people an idea of what it takes to set up such a big event.

Sid says: “On the subject of taking photos I hope those who took photos will be sending their best photo into the Hastings Observer competition, the best photo will win £50 cash plus Sheikh Abid Gulzar is donating to the winner meals of their choice for four.”

One of Sid’s stunning photographs of the town taken from the pier.
Here are some of Sid’s stunning photographs from Friday night’s big event.


The crowds beginning to gather.

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