Are you ready to face the challenge of a lifetime?

There are fund raising challenges and then there are fundraising challenges and when you need to raise thousands of pounds every single day you need to be innovative, creative and come up with some pretty special ideas.

Well that’s just what the team at St Michael’s Hospice has done in offering local people the chance to achieve something amazing next year. Very soon you will be able to sign up for the challenge of a lifetime by joining a group who will trek across the Sahara Desert in November 2019.

The Sahara, with its mighty sand dunes, scorching temperatures and vast and beautiful wilderness is the largest hot desert in the world and covers a total of ten countries across the north of Africa, they are Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Sudan and Tunisia. Taking part in the trek, which will last for four days, could make 2019 a year you will never forget!


The treks takes place in November 2019 and the Hospice will be holding an information day this October, providing details of the trek and innovative fundraising ideas.

The trek will give those taking part an insight into the vast and diverse landscape of the Sahara desert as well as the Berber way of life. Trekkers will spend two full days, trekking between five to eight hours each day and two half days trekking across ancient dried up river beds, sand dunes and vast sun-baked plains. Camping each night will give those taking part a chance to experience the stunning stars in the night sky and the traditional Berber cuisine that will be cooked by the team.


St Michael’s Hospice has teamed up with St Wilfrid’s Hospice (Eastbourne) on this exciting fundraising event. Supporters of both hospices will come together to create one Trek Sahara team, with individuals fundraising for their respective hospice.

For details call Felicity on 01424 457959 or email 

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