On the pier and from the pier! Great pictures of a great weekend on Hastings Pier…

The crowds flocked to Hastings Pier this weekend as it played host to a wide range of activities.

There was music, fancy dress, old cars, funfair rides and amusement stalls, there were cyclists, dog walkers and families galore out to enjoy the weather.

The pier proved an ideal vantage point to watch the Red Arrows on Saturday and then the flypast of Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire on Sunday.

We’ve caught the action with photographs courtesy of Sid Saunders.









Traditional fairground rides and amusement stalls were there to keep the crowds happy.
Rule Britannia – in fancy dress and collecting for a worth cause.
The pier was an ideal vantage point from which to watch the entertainment going on in the skies above the town.
There are some amazing pictures on social media this morning and many of them were snapped from the deck of the pier.
Veteran, vintage and classic cars were on display on the pier.
The Spitfires that flew above Hastings and St Leonards were powered by Roll Royce engines! This Rolls Royce engined never left the ground, however.
Award winner Pat Fisher took her ‘Gizmo kids’ on the pier…
…where they met the pier’s new owner Sheikh Abid Gulzar and shared with him some of the ideas they have for attractions they’d like to see.
Hastings MP Amber Rudd got in on the action too meeting some of the ladies celebrating not just the 100th anniversary of the RAF but the 100th anniversary of women in the UK getting the vote!


2 thoughts on “On the pier and from the pier! Great pictures of a great weekend on Hastings Pier…

  1. I would like to thank the new owners of the pier for allowing us ( Sussex Concepts CIC…Kings Road market) to bring an offer to the pier, being the stalls , rides , classic cars and entertainments/ music as our contribution to being part of the fabulous RAF 100 show, we met with them just a few days before the event and they kindly agreed to allow us to use their space for no charge whatsoever, all the proceeds we raised went into the considerable costs of funding the event in the air, with no local authority help to put this event on. I’m proud to be working with partners such as Roger Crouch and Mr Gulzer to make such a wonderful, once in a lifetime opportunity a reality, and it was great to see the pier buzzing as it should be and to see the sheer delight and tears of pride and respect on people’s faces with regards to the air displays, something that money cannot buy, we look forward to working with the new owners on other community events in the very near future, very glad that you all enjoyed, thank you for your support.

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