CHARTing success for Hastings and Bexhill

If you have an idea for a projects that will bring a fresh approach to tackling deep-rooted problems in deprived communities within Hastings then from today you can apply for a grant to turn your idea into reality.

Connecting Hastings and Rother Together (CHART) is a Community-led Local Development Programme with access to £2.8m of European Structural Investment Funds (ESIF) to spend on projects in some of the most deprived areas of Hastings and Bexhill in Ore, Tressell, Baird, Hollington, Wishing Tree, Castle, Gensing, Central St Leonards, Sidley, and Central Bexhill..

Organisations can apply for funding to create programmes that will help people in these areas to find and keep jobs, including setting up their own business.

Deputy leader of Hastings Borough Council (HBC), Councillor  Kim Forward says: “I’m really pleased that people in our most deprived communities will be able to access support to achieve their potential. It is essential that we work to ensure that everyone feels the benefit of the success and regeneration of our town.”

A Local Action Group (LAG) made up of local residents as well as public, private, voluntary and community organisations will help with the delivery of the programme and take decisions on approving applications for grants. There are four strands to the programme:

  • COMMUNITY ASSETS: investment in local physical assets for employability and community benefit.
  • ENTERPRISE AND BUSINESS SUPPORT: stimulating local entrepreneurship and business growth, including self-employment.
  • COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND OUTREACH:capacity building for local communities and organisations.
  • EMPLOYABILITY SUPPORT: direct support to the most vulnerable unemployed to gain employment.

And from today you can start to make applications for hrants under the scheme, for more information, visit

HBC oversee the administration and management of the CHART project which will run between now and early 2022.


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