What a beautiful town we live in… 2

Hastings looks so good when it’s basking in the sun, and bask in the sun it will for the remainder of the week. We thought we’d publish these shots we took yesterday to show the town at its best and if you scroll right to the bottom you’ll see how we can all enjoy these kind of views for a few more days.

From the pier looking up to the west hill and capturing the skyline and the church on the horizon.
Perhaps planners made a mistake with the beige coloured flats!
Blue seas and blue skies…
Perhaps one of the kindest views of Marine Court. From this angle its sheer scale and dominance of the skyline is very apparent.
They say that on a clear day you can see forever… and when there is a slight mist you can see as far as Beachy Head.
From just outside Falaise with a little colour in the foreground.
Work is now well underway repairing the harbour arm.
Okay so the pier might have earned the nickname of  ‘the plank’ but it does look stunning on a sunny summer’s day.
Who else loves spotting ships on the horizon? As the channel is reputedly the busiest seaway in the world it’s never a difficult task.
Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 09.34.00
From the BBC website this morning! Sunscreen and plenty of fluids at the ready, for Thursday in particular.

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