Phew – what a scorcher it was (in more ways than one)

Could Hastings be set to have a scorching hot summer of trade and tourism?

If the momentum of this year’s May Day celebrations are anything to go by then that is certainly on the cards.

Last Monday around 45,000 bikes came to Hastings, and during the morning there were 5,000 people per hour arriving at Hastings Station. Overall, it’s estimated that there were over 100,000 visitors in town for the events on the day and council leader Peter Chowney reckons it was quite possibly the highest number of visitors ever seen in Hastings.

Bikers, bikers everywhere! Estimates suggest there were 45,000 bikers in Hastings last Monday.

And it was one of the most peaceful and trouble-free May Days in recent years. The police recorded only minor incidents, much less of the drunkenness – particularly among children – than had been seen in past years. In addition there were no traffic accidents involving serious injury.

“Let’s hope this is a precursor for a busy and successful summer,” says Mr Chowney.

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