Keeping it in the family – Judy and Andrew have a special cause for celebration

When Judy Rogers and Andrew Battley were elected to Hastings Borough Council today it was something very special.

They weren’t just delighted to have won their seats for the Labour party they were also celebrating the fact that they are the first mother and son to serve on the council at the same time.

Mother and son together around the table – the council table! Andrew Battley and mum Judy Rogers were both elected to Hastings Borough Council

Andrew told his social media folowers; “You’re looking at the first mother/son councillor team for Hastings Borough Council. I’m super proud of mother Rogers getting re-elected and really pleased for myself and Heather Bishop to be representing Ore.”

Judy, who has been the town’s mayor for the last two years, and Andrew can also celebrate coming top of the poll in the seats they were contesting which means they will both serve on the council for the next four years.


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