Big medal hall for Westerleigh in top level World and European contests

Over Easter 20 athletes from Westerleigh Judokwai were in Holland with a team of coaches and volunteers to compete in the Pan-Disability World championships and the Pan-Disability European Championships.

The triumphant Westerleigh team showing off its medals and trophies.

The team returned having achieved overwhelming success and the club can now boast three World champions and nine European champions. Senior coach Paul Everest emphasised how happy he was with the outcome of the competition, he said: “I feel, as do all our coaches and volunteers, very proud of each and everyone of our athletes. It is a real privilege to be able to coach both children and adults who work incredibly hard to overcome their disability and show the World that disability isn’t a barrier to sport.

European champion David Wilson and World champion James Everest.

“As a result of our amazing success we now have invitations to compete in Finland, Sweden, Bulgaria and Brazil.”

Westerleigh is always looking for sponsors and supporters: “If anybody would like to support Westerleigh and our athletes to be able to continue competing in the UK and abroad they can get in touch with my wife Paula on 07926 578027 or email ,” Paul said.

Westerleigh would like to thank the following people and companies who sponsored the coach, Travel and kit and made it possible for these athletes to compete in these competitions: Magdalen & Lasher Charity, Isobel Blackman Foundation, Mrs A Lacy Tate Trust, Battle Rotary, Hastings Lions, Lawler & Davis, Mick Gould and The Dreamers.

World Championship results
James Everest                  Gold –  World Champion
Neisha Potter-Goble        Gold – World Champion
Ben Warbuton                   Gold –  World Champion
Billy Burt                             Silver
Holly Tadman                    Silver
Daniel Amel-Azizpour    Bronze
Sarah Avery                       Bronze

European Championships
Isabelle Everest                Gold – European Champion
Finley Dawes                     Gold – European Champion
Neisha Potter-Goble       Gold – European Champion
Noah Lingfield                   Gold – European Champion
Zara  Leahey                      Gold – European Champion
Jean Wingate                    Gold – European Champion
Holly Tadman                    Gold – European Champion
Rupert Mitchell                 Gold – European Champion
David Wilson                     Gold – European Champion
Sarah Avery                       Silver
Nick Hicks                          Silver
Ben Warbuton                  Bronze
Daniel Amel – Azizpour Bronze
James Everest                   Bronze
Billy Burt                            Bronze
Anna  Wilkinson                Bronze
Lewis Dargan                    Bronze
Cieran                                 Bronze
Luke  Leahey                     Bronze

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