The ‘epicentre’ of the community – the creative plan that could save the pier!

Hastings Pier should be the ‘epicentre’ of the local community, that’s the vision of the man who has drawn up the creative vision to drive the pier forward.

Adam Wide drafted the creative content document which you can read in full below and which underpins the business plan developed by Friends of Hastings Pier. He says the biggest job is done, the pier has been saved and has been refurbished and his vision would see the pier become financially self sustaining within three years – and Mr Wide already has a track record of turning round failing piers!

Who is Adam Wide? In the document itself he lists his experience and says: “I founded an entertainment consultancy, Openwide International in 1989. Under my leadership within eight years we had become Europe’s largest entertainment consultants – employing 50 full-time staff and up to 600 performers a year working in 30 venues, in 15 countries across Europe.


“We provided entertainment and consultancy to tour companies and hotel chains, cruise lines, resorts, attractions and tourist destinations, also winning the contracts to manage the failing Cromer and Bournemouth piers …. both of which are now self-sustaining and profitable.

“I sold the company in 2005 and enjoyed being a freelance consultant specialising in ‘start-up’ and re-branding operations, creating ‘live’ experiences to either communicate – or to simply increase footfall and/or profit. Highlights were working with the Odeon cinema chain to revive the brand, at SKY TV, I re-vamped three travel channels increasing sales from £750,000 to £1.2m a week.

“In 2008 I was head-hunted out to Dubai to be the creative director of an $850m theme park, ‘Global Village’, where I was fully responsible for every interaction between the park and the visitors. This was followed by two years with Guinness World Records as global creative director, a new post created for me, developing new ways of monetising the World-famous brand. This involved anything that was not to do with the famous book, TV shows, ‘live’ roadshows, theme parks, computer and arcade games, brand tie-ins, PR activity for third parties and on-line activity with record breaking mechanisms.

“Since then I have fully retired and have any number of projects which keep me occupied.”

Read the full creative vision for Hastings Pier by clicking on the link below

Creative Content

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