Labour’s team working to retain control of borough council

In its bid to retain control of Hastings Borough Council at the elections on May 3 the Labour party recently announced its list of candidates who will be standing at the election.

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Peter Chowney is the leader of the Labour group which hopes to retain control of Hastings Borough Council after the elections on May 3.

A series of minor boundary changes for several wards in Hastings means that all 16 wards will have elections for two councillors.

Local Labour Party secretary Jonathan Lee, says: “Hastings and Rye Labour Party has been choosing local members to fight these elections over the last few weeks.

“As some current councillors, who all continue to serve until May, are retiring, there are several new faces amongst those selected. A diverse group includes far more women candidates, as the Labour Party nationally seeks to contest all elections with a balanced team of men and women.”

Mr Lee pays tribute to some of the long serving councillors including Andrew Cartwright, Bruce Dowling, Mike Howard, Emily Westley, Dawn Poole, Michael Wincott and Richard Street who, he says, have provided many years of excellent service both in their wards, and for Hastings and St Leonards as a whole.

Labour councillors not seeking re-election include Terri Dowling, Dawn Poole, Emily Westley and Michael Wincott.

Full details of all the Labour Party Candidates are below;

Ashdown – Lex Coan and  Steve Thorpe
Baird – Mike Turner and Warren Davies
Braybrooke – Sue Beaney 
and Dominic Sabetian
Castle – Judy Rogers 
and Leah Levane
Central St Leonards – Ruby Cox and Trevor Webb
Conquest – Andy Ives and Nicholas Davies
Gensing – Kim Forward. and Colin Fitzgerald
Hollington – Maya Evans and Paul Barnett
Maze Hill – Brekke Larsen and Mike Southon
Old Hastings – Dany Louise and James Bacon
Ore – Heather Bishop and Andrew Battley
Silverhill – Margi O’Callaghan and Nigel Sinden
St Helens – Antonia Berelson and Andy Batsford
Tressell – Tania Charman and Peter Chowney
West St Leonards – Anne Rouse 
Second Candidate Position Currently Vacant
Wishing Tree – Phil Scott and Alan Roberts

To watch a full interview with Labour group leader Peter Chowney click on the link below.

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