Chopbacks embrace the video age

It might be one of the newest football clubs on the local scene but South Coast Athletico has big plans for the future.

This week the club has announced a significant investment in filming equipment which it intends to use for the majority of its games in the 2018/19 season.

Equipment includes a camcorder that can be used in all weathers which will sit on top of a 24ft professional sports mast which will give a birds-eye view of all the action going on on the pitch.

Although the equipment has been bought in preparation for next season  the club’s media team intends to use the new equipment during the remainder of this season to test it out and make sure it’s ready for new season later in the summer. The Chopbacks will be posting video coverage of their matches on its own YouTube channel.

Club chairman Neil Sutcliffe explains that the new filming kit will not just be used to film matches, the intention is to film training sessions too allowing coaches to assess players and develop new training plans for the future.

“This has been a significant piece of investment for what is still a very young club, but we are an ambitious club too and we believe the investment is fully justified and will be a key tool in helping us to achieve some of the targets we have set ourselves for the coming years,” says Mr Sutcliffe.

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