Seaside towns, deprivation and Peter Chowney

I think we can all agree that one quality we expect from the man who leads our council  is that he would talk up our town and shout to the rooftops about the great opportunities on offer. I assume this is not a controversial point to make? However, it would appear our current Council Leader, […]

Councillor says ‘no’ to ‘industrialisation’ of country park

Labour members of Hastings Borough Council (HBC) are being accused of breaking their promises to the public. The council chamber was packed, almost to capacity, on Monday night when the council’s ruling cabinet met to discuss plans that could see ten acres of ground mounted solar panels (arrays) being installed on Hastings Country Park. The […]

Education is the key to life – unlocking the golden door…

Labour was right! In 2006 when Tony Blair began the melodrama of handing over the reins of power to Gordon Brown, he declared that the UK wide rollout of the Academy School system would form part of his legacy. Blair was right then, and the Conservatives are right now to pursue a policy of making […]

The times they are a changin’ – it’s time to unlock our ambition

If you turn off Springfield Road, into Buchanan Gardens, you get to a small junction in the road. That’s where it all began for me writes James Dee. That is, roughly, the site of the old maternity unit at the former Buchannan Hospital. Many of my friends can recall this hospital, and our parents remember […]

Finding hope in a battle that never stops.

James Dee was born in St Leonards and has spent his entire life growing up here. He went to school at West St Leonards Primary followed by Filsham Valley, Claverham and then Bexhill College. He has always had a strong interest and devotion to his home town, wanting to always give something back. James has […]

Ore Library has been saved say the Conservatives… but has it asks Labour?

A pre-election war of words has broken out between the main political parties in Ore over just who is responsible for ‘saving’ Ore Library and whether the library has even been saved at all. On Monday Conservative candidate in Ore James Dee published a lengthy post on Facebook explaining how the library has been saved, […]