Where do we go from here? Will it be a year of fishing for eels?

A reporter is supposed to do just that ‘report’ it’s not their job to express an opinion… in an age when it seems people want to be writers not reporters what is the future of a truly independent local press? Stuart Baillie, who founded this website three years ago, has his concerns. A very happy […]

What were you reading in August?

August has been a stellar month with more people than ever visiting Hastings in Focus but what were you favourite stories? Two out of three were about Alexandra Park At Number one was  Vote for Alexandra Park BEFORE noon on Monday! At Number two was It’s your votes that won it – Alexandra Park is […]

OPINION: Setting our focus – why we want to hear from you

Last night the 32 men and women who make up Hastings Borough Council met for the first time since they were elected just two weeks ago and we would like to wish them all the best for all they will be doing on the behalf of Hastings’ 96,000 residents in the coming years. It’s oh […]

Ore Library has been saved say the Conservatives… but has it asks Labour?

A pre-election war of words has broken out between the main political parties in Ore over just who is responsible for ‘saving’ Ore Library and whether the library has even been saved at all. On Monday Conservative candidate in Ore James Dee published a lengthy post on Facebook explaining how the library has been saved, […]