Who’s going to pay if your car is damaged by a pothole? We’ve got the answer from the council!

What happens if you car is damaged by a pothole? Can you claim the repair costs from East Sussex County Council?

We asked what the situation was and this is the response we received, an East Sussex Highways spokesman said: “Every compensation claim we receive is carefully assessed, however a high number of claims are rejected because we carried our duty either by inspecting the road frequently enough or repairing the pothole quickly enough once we were informed of it.

“We do understand it is frustrating when motorists sustain damage as a result of potholes but we are responsible for maintaining more than 2,000 miles of road in the county.

“The law recognises that we are only liable for claims if we have been negligent in carrying out our duties, in that we haven’t inspected the road often enough or didn’t repair any defect quickly enough once we received a report of it.”

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3 thoughts on “Who’s going to pay if your car is damaged by a pothole? We’ve got the answer from the council!

  1. Well if the council is inspecting the roads periodically for potholes they failing in there duty we are not talking one pothole we are talking hundreds if not thousands that have been there forever and getting worse it’s a national disgrace that needs to be addressed either with compensation or repair the roads

  2. It’s simple compensation fo damage or repair the potholes they’ve not appeared over night, there is a big problem here

  3. On TV programs showing people in cars with cameras showing the road ahead or behind in countries such as India, Pakistan, Greece, Mexico, USA, Russia, Uzbekistan, Africa, Mongolia, China of course and so many more but I have yet to see a pothole in any of the roads! Do the TV crews only shoot on very good roads? I don’t think so.

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