‘My blood ran cold’ are the police losing control of the streets?

Yesterday’s Guardian carried a column written by an anonymous Metropolitan Police Officer, in it he says he no longer feels safe going to work, feels he and his colleagues are being stretched beyond their capabilities, he does not feel valued and he is seeing colleagues quit from exhaustion and frustration. While the piece in The […]

‘We cannot allow this centre to close’ says Old Town councillor

The Isabel Blackman centre looks set for closure as East Sussex County Council (ESCC) search for multi-million pound savings from its adult social care budget. Old Hastings borough councillor James Bacon has urged local people to fight in defence of the centre saying: “I attended a Public Meeting at the Isabel Blackman Centre regarding the […]

Ore Library has been saved say the Conservatives… but has it asks Labour?

A pre-election war of words has broken out between the main political parties in Ore over just who is responsible for ‘saving’ Ore Library and whether the library has even been saved at all. On Monday Conservative candidate in Ore James Dee published a lengthy post on Facebook explaining how the library has been saved, […]