Radio interview suggests the lady IS for turning!

A former sparring partner of Amber Rudd’s has come out all guns blazing this morning branding the Hastings MP as at, “a Hunt and Johnson level of venal!” The scathing attack by the Liberal Democrats’ Nick Perry who has contested the Hastings and Rye Parliamentary seat on three occasions came after Ms Rudd appeared on […]

Will Amber run? Speculation shows no sign of abating

Will she or won’t she? Hastings MP Amber Rudd continues to tease the political establishment, the media and her constituents on whether or not she intends to be a candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party when Theresa May eventually stands down. Ms Rudd has said the she is, ‘not supporting anybody at the […]

Fighting the Battle for young Britain

Nick Perry stood as a parliamentary candidate in Hastings and Rye for the Liberal Democrats, when he saw a photograph of local youngsters taking part in the recent pro-Brexit demonstration he says he was ‘sad and disappointed’ and worries that, ‘we have failed these young people…’ Writing today in the Lib Dem Voice he shares […]

Influential Amber Rudd will have a big say who is next Tory leader say pundits

Amber Rudd stands accused this morning of being one of four senior cabinet ministers who are… ‘now driving Britain towards its first-ever Marxist Prime Minister’. In today’s Mail on Sunday, political pundit Dan Hodges says: “…members of her own Cabinet, who May thinks have been professing public loyalty but engaging in malicious private subterfuge. “And […]

Amber Rudd – why I voted the way I did… a message to my constituents

There have been calls today for Amber Rudd to either resign her cabinet post or be sacked by Prime Minister Theresa May. Many believe Ms Rudd broke the convention of collective responsibility which requires government ministers to vote for government policy regardless of their own personal views. In the past ministers unable to uphold the […]

Making the news – Amber Rudd is hitting the headlines again

It has been a tumultuous week in the national press for Hastings’ MP Amber Rudd. She has been accused of ‘cynical plotting’, she had to ‘furiously deny’ having offered advice to former Tory MP and vehement anti-brexiteer Anna Soubry who left the Conervative party last week and there have been calls for her to resign […]

MP writes open letter to constituents pledging continued support for beleaguered PM

Local MP Amber Rudd has written an open letter to her constituents assuring them that she is, “…working to find a Brexit that can command a majority in Parliament and protects jobs, businesses and opportunities in Hastings and Rye.” Ms Rudd issued the letter this afternoon following the government’s crushing and historic defeat in the […]