Full list of borough council committees, chairs and members

At last night’s (May19th) Annual Meeting of Hastings Borough Council committee appointments were made. Here we bring you a full list of committees and which councillors sit on each one.

Councillor Kim Forward,
Leader of the Council
Appointments Committee Chair
and Employment Committee Chair


  • Labour:
    1. Kim Forward – Leader of the Council and Strategy and Partnership Working.
    2. Paul Barnett – Deputy Leader and Regeneration Portfolio Holder
    3. Peter Chowney – Financial Portfolio Holder
    4. Judy Rogers – Organisation Portfolio Holder
    5. Andy Batsford – Housing Portfolio Holder
    6. Maya Evans – Environment Portfolio Holder
    7. Trevor Webb – Charity Committee Chair

Council Appointments Committee:

  • Labour
    1. Kim Forward (Chair)
    2. Paul Barnett (Vice Chair)
    3. Judy Rogers
  • Conservatives
    1. John Rankin
    2. Mike Edwards

Employment Committee:

  • Labour
    1. Kim Forward (Chair)
    2. Paul Barnett
    3. Judy Rogers
  • Conservatives
    1. Mike Edwards
    2. Graeme Williams
Councillor John Rankin, Audit Committee Chair

Audit Committee:

  • Labour
    1. Andrew Battley (Vice Chair)
    2. Nigel Sinden
    3. Kim Forward (as leader)
  • Conservatives
    1. John Rankin (Chair)
    2. Mike Edwards
Councillor Maya Evans, Standards Committee Chair

Standards Committee:

  • Labour
    1. Maya Evans (Chair)
    2. Claire Carr (Vice Chair)
    3. Alan Roberts
  • Conservatives
    1. Mike Edwards
    2. Peter Pragnell
Councillor Andrew Battley,
Overview and Scrutiny Committee Chair
with fellow councillor and mother Judy Rogers who is a member of the cabinet

Overview and Scrutiny Committee:

  • Labour
    1. Andrew Battley (Chair)
    2. Ali Roark
    3. Sabina Arthur
    4. Sue Beaney
    5. Heather Bishop
    6. Claire Carr
    7. Mike Turner
  • Conservatives
    1. Andy Patmore (Vice Chair)
    2. Mike Edwards
    3. Peter Pragnell
    4. Lucian Fernando
Deputy Mayor, Councillor Ruby Cox
of the Employment Appeals Committee

Employment Appeals Committee:

  • Labour
    1. Ruby Cox
    2. Heather Bishop
  • Conservatives
    1. Mike Edwards
Former Mayor of Hastings, Councillor Nigel Sinden, Licensing Committee Chair

Licensing Committee:

  • Labour
    1.  Nigel Sinden (Chair)
    2. Trevor Webb (Vice Chair)
    3.  James Bacon
    4. Andrew Battley
    5. Claire Carr
    6. Ruby Cox
    7. Ali Roark
    8. Alan Roberts
    9. Mike Turner
  • Conservatives
    1. Karl Beaney
    2. Mike Edwards
    3. Andy Patmore
    4. Lucian Fernando
    5. Graeme Williams
    6. John Rankin
Alan Roberts,
Planning Committee Chair

Planning Committee:

  • Labour
    1. Alan Roberts (Chair)
    2. Ruby Cox (Vice Chair)
    3. James Bacon
    4. Heather Bishop
    5. Ali Roark
    6. Phil Scott
  • Conservatives
    1. Sorrell Marlow-Eastwood
    2. Paul Foster
    3. Matt Beaver
    4. Graeme Williams
Heather Bishop,
Environment and Safety Committee Chair

Environment and Safety Committee:

  • Labour
    1. Heather Bishop (Chair)
    2. Alan Roberts (Vice Chair)
    3. Ruby Cox
  • Conservatives
    1. Sorrell Marlow-Eastwood
    2. Alan Hay

3 thoughts on “Full list of borough council committees, chairs and members

  1. Can it be explained why the new member for the Old Town Green Councillor Julia Hilton has not been allocated a committee position. Other new councillors have been allocated up to 3 committee positions.
    I understand that there is no obligation under the Local Government Act to assign proportional balance to political groups with less than 2 members. However there are 32 councillors and 63 committee positions available. Why was it not possible to allocate a committee role to the new Green candidate that represents the old town with the largest mandate in the town? It seems that the voters of the Old Town have been disenfranchised by the majority parties. Who made this decision and how was it approved?

  2. Totally agree with Mr Hurrel here. I have to ask how a new Cllr such as Ali Roark has been assigned to the Planning – Licensing – Overview & Scrutiny Committee’s. She is a novice. Of all what does she know about Planning? Or perhaps she has a degree in it already?
    Yes as said who makes all these decisions to put these heads in their slots.
    And while I am at it would Cllr Bishop who has been appointed with the portfolio for Environment. Would she like to say something about the environmental impact will be in developing the 192 units on the Bulverhythe site

    1. I haven’t got the portfolio for Environment as that is a cabinet position. The Environment and safety committee is not the best named as it deals with taxi licensing predominantly.
      However as I sit on planning committee, I will say that as my day job is for the Environment Agency, I shall not sit that application due to a clear conflict of interest which I have declared to both HBC and the EA.

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