Why St Leonards-on-Sea really is THE place to be

An awful lot is being written about West St Leonards; about the anger local people feel at what they believe is the borough council’s refusal to listen to them and to consider their ideas for the future shape of their community.

There’s no shortage of ideas on how their corner of the borough could be developed. Here are just three examples of the power of community and the originality of thought that people in West St Leonards demonstrate on a regular basis.

First we’re going back to look at two ideas developed as bids for part of the £25m town deal… two ideas ultimately rejected by the town deal board which instead chose to concentrate its focus on Hastings town centre. Then we have an example of the single minded determination of one man who recognised the uniqueness of a council owned statue, abandoned and unloved in West Marina Gardens but which has a great deal of historical and cultural significance.

And hear from local people themselves why they believe they should have been consulted a long time ago by a council seemingly determined to do what it wants regardless of what local people say.

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And from the Guardian c.2006


2 thoughts on “Why St Leonards-on-Sea really is THE place to be

  1. Great article Stuart! It is apt that prior to the local elections this article highlighted how local community groups and residents are ignored by HBC’s ruling Labour councillors!!

  2. Well said Bryan and yes an apt article Stuart.
    These examples are just part of the litany of issues this Labour cabal has failed to listen and respect the public voice. On the list:
    Archery Road – Robsack meadow – Rocklands – Undercliff – Harrow Lane-Bulverhythe to name a few. This party appears to perceive we public as an irritation.
    Another issue here with this party is frankly they have been in total control for far too long. Consequently it has culminated into an attitude we will do it our way and no other. You ( the public ) do as we tell you.

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