The road that’s still going nowhere

Back in September we reported that the “road to nowhere” was “going somewhere” telling our readers on September 17th that “Work will start on Monday to complete the Queensway Gateway link road…”

So okay, what was being proposed was just a temporary fix not the completion of a project that seems to have been with us for years. A spokesman for Sea Change Sussex said at the time they expected the link to open early in 2021 – now we hear that could be as late as August!

This week Nick Terdre in Hastings Online Times looked at the past, the present and the future of the project and asked why has it taken so long? With Nick’s permission we reproduce his full and detailed report here. Just click on the link blow….

One thought on “The road that’s still going nowhere

  1. Firstly in response to Cllr Edwards remark about who to point the finger at concerning this ridiculous fiasco of a road. Sure it is Sea Change or the real company behind this front name being East Sussex Energy Infrastructure & Development Ltd that is made up of mainly local individuals. However, one of the principals of this company as they only use that Sea Change label is Cllr Kim Forward who has been a director of it since 2017 taking over from Cllr P. Chowney.
    Perhaps as now leader of the council and on this company for four years she can explain why it is a mess. Why they did not CPO properties before hand. Why a private limited company as the developer of this road can request ESCC to CPO properties on their behalf.
    This is yet another of these crazy over costing projects needs a an Inquiry. There is something seriously wrong here with the management of it. As has other projects Sea Change have been involved in recent years and attracted severe criticism.
    Because Sea Change is behind a private limited company you cannot make an FOI request and hence anything they do is confidential.
    Not a healthy set up when a lot of their involvement is connected to HBC

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