Kiley’s Karpets gives Sierra Leone school farms project a boost!

Inspired by the success of last year’s pilot Seeds Challenge project in schools in Sierra Leone Hastings based Kiley’s Karpets has stepped in and donated £500 toward the 2021 School Farms Project. 

Last year just £200 enabled 21 schools in Hastings, Sierra Leone to buy seeds and grow crops so successfully they were able to provide food crops for the school community and sell some of the harvest to raise funds for the schools and buy more seeds. 

Isabel Hodger who coordinated the Seed Challenge last year said: “We were so excited and surprised by the enthusiasm of pupils and teachers in Sierra Leone. It was a huge success and we have huge admiration for their dedication.” 

The Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship Link connects the peoples of Hastings, UK and Hastings, Sierra Leone to promote reconstruction and friendship. It raises money through events and donations to help rebuild Hastings, SL following its devastation in 1997 during Sierra Leone’s Rebel War. The Link also promotes official twinning, informal exchanges and school-to-school links.

The Link is a registered charity, set up in 2003 to continue the work started by LOAF Project, the group of Hastings churches, to help the villagers of Hastings Sierra Leone to rebuild their lives.

Link Trustee David Lewis, who is leading the School Farms Project for 2021 added: “If we can encourage young people to work hard and see the results of their labours it might inspire towards a future in horticulture. Creating livelihoods is key to giving these children a sustainable career.”

The 2021 School Farms Project builds on last year’s success. It is a more structured approach to developing self-sustaining farms that continue to benefit the school and local community. It will focus on schools working together, involving local communities and developing skills in agriculture for the students. This year there are 24 schools involved and some of them already have exciting ideas for the future. The project will be launched with a workshop on March 20th, led by the new Project Manager Jeitta Kaneh.

Dain Jensen, owner of Kileys Karpets, is a patron of the Link and long term supporter and fundraiser, he said this week: “When I heard of the success of the Seeds Challenge and how so little can make such a difference and inspire young people, there was no doubt in my mind that we wanted to support this project and it evolve into something much bigger which can give the children hope for the future.” 

Richard Homewood, Link Chairman said: “We are extremely grateful for this generous donation from Kileys Karpets. It will give the School Farms Project a real boost and we have to give a huge thank you to Dain and his company for this donation and all of his previous fundraising for us.” 

If you would like to donate something towards this amazing project go to 

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