Sussex Police given extra cash to tackle serious violence

Sussex Police is to receive £514,500 as part of an extra funding package to tackle serious violence – it’s one of the 18 areas across England and Wales selected for targeted police action.

The total £130.5 million funding package announced by the government includes £30 million to support the police to take targeted action in areas most affected by serious violence, as well as up to £23 million for a new early intervention programme that will help stop young people from being drawn into the cycle of violence.

There’s another £10 million to expand domestic abuse perpetrator programmes – working with offenders to help them change and prevent abuse happening in the first place. There’s £3 million to expand investigations into gang related material on social media, £1.6 million towards piloting the Creating Opportunities Forum which helps provide access to employment opportunities for young people at risk of serious violence, and £1 million to set up and pilot new homicide reviews – helping to prevent future deaths.

MP for Hastings and Rye, Sally-Ann Hart, has welcomed the announcement that the government is making the cash available.

She said yesterday: “I am delighted that Sussex Police will receive the extra money to tackle the violent crime that have been robbing too many young people of their futures.

“This funding ensures our police have all of the tools and resources they need to tackle violent crime and address its underlying causes in our community, while also funding vital early intervention programmes that do positive preventative work with children and young people. By backing our police with the funding, powers and resources they need, we are keeping the public and our communities safe, so that people everywhere can live their lives free from the fear of crime.”

The funding package comes ahead of the introduction of a major criminal justice Bill, which will give police new stop and search powers to tackle known knife and weapons carriers, place a duty on public sector bodies – including police, education and health agencies – to take a joined-up approach to addressing serious violence and require local agencies to review the circumstances when a homicide takes place involving offensive weapons, such as knives.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has said she is “determined” to cut crime and “make our streets safer”.

One thought on “Sussex Police given extra cash to tackle serious violence

  1. It would be better spent tackling everyday crime which affects us all. When did you last see a copper not just driving by. Research has long shown that the police who work closely with the community, including patrolling on foot, are much more effective. Three years ago the Hastings senior officer publicly committed to foot patrols in the town. So where are they?

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