Work begins at Buckshole Reservoir ahead of major safety improvements

Proposals to improve the safety of Buckshole Reservoir have been given the green light by Hastings Borough Council’s Planning Committee. 

Improvement works are being carried out to ensure that the reservoir is up to current safety standards.

Work to construct a new four metre wide concrete spillway channel to replace the existing one will start later in the year. The new channel will be bigger to protect the dam from the predicted larger flood events and will be along the same route as the current one.

One of the slipway channels that will be widened.

The increased size of the new channel means the loss of some vegetation and a number of trees. The removal of the trees will take place in February. The plans then include significant replanting once the safety improvements have been made.

Councillor Maya Evans, lead councillor for natural environment and leisure, said: “The Environment Agency, who monitor and inspect dams, have told the council that we need to undertake a number of safety improvements to Buckshole Reservoir by 2022, helping to reduce the risk of flooding downstream. 

The new concrete slipway channels will be four metres wide.

“The new ‘spillway channel’ is the most significant piece of work and will allow greater volumes of water to be discharged from the reservoir to protect the dam from collapsing during a flood.

“The removal of the trees and vegetation is essential in preparing for these main safety improvement works and must be undertaken as soon as possible.

“The main construction work will begin later in 2021. It is regrettable, though unavoidable, that some trees and vegetation must be removed in order for these essential works to take place. The approved plans include extensive new planting to replace the vegetation and trees removed as part of the scheme.”

3 thoughts on “Work begins at Buckshole Reservoir ahead of major safety improvements

  1. The spillway will be doubled in width to increase its capacity but it then quickly feeds into the existing channel which meanders through the park to the ponds. Presumably that lower section won’t be widened, hopefully. Sounds like it’s not been fully thought through.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. How does it make any difference to flooding if the rest of the stream is the same.

      1. It’s already broken it’s banks further down just before the cafe and then runs Into a narrow part of the steam which is blocked with vegetation, with no issue

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