Planning application goes in for 192 new homes on Bulverhythe site

Hastings Borough Council has submitted a planning application to build 192 new homes on land at the rear of Bexhill Road in Bulverhythe.

The council says the scheme will provide a range of much needed quality housing including a significant number of affordable homes for local families.

Councillor Andy Batsford, lead councillor for housing and homelessness, said this afternoon: “We are thrilled to have submitted this exciting planning application.

“It is our intention that as many homes as possible will be built using modern methods of construction so as to help minimise the scheme’s carbon footprint and to get homes built quickly. We believe that this development will help demonstrate how high quality and energy efficient housing can be provided for local families while minimising any impact on climate change.

“The application we have submitted follows extensive consultation with local residents and wider stakeholders which started over 12 months ago.

“We have been awarded up to £6.9m in government funding to remove the barriers to developing the site, which is a huge benefit to the town. Although the site is currently classified as Flood Zone 3b, we have undertaken extensive flood modelling which we believe demonstrates that the site is suitable for housing development.

“The flood defences that we will employ will not only protect the new homes but will also protect the existing houses and businesses on Bexhill Road and beyond that might otherwise flood.

“We intend this to be a high-quality development which will provide much needed new homes to help meet our housing crisis.

“We hope to create a sustainable community where families want to live and which makes a positive contribution to the local area. We are looking at how to encourage sustainable transport solutions on the site, including electric vehicle charging points and car clubs. We aim to ensure the development will be pedestrian and cycle friendly.

“There will also be wider benefits, including the replacement of redundant sports pitches to Sport England standards, ecological enhancements and much needed training and employment opportunities while the houses are being built.”

Ward councillor Karl Beaney is among those objecting to the development.

He told Hastings In Focus this afternoon: “It is important to defeat this proposal, working together as a community to preserve this valued green space for future generations and avoid additional traffic, pollution, impacts on local services and many other potential issues.

“While I understand the need for more housing, parks, sports fields and green spaces play an important role in the physical and mental health of the residents of this town.

“It is vital that we do not build on this land which forms part of the Combe Valley Countryside Park and focus more on brownfield sites.”

Councillor Rob Lee said: “The only people enthusiastic about this scheme are the Increasingly out of touch Labour leadership of the council.

“This scheme proposes the loss of important open recreation space in West St Leonards and overdevelopment in the west of the borough. It shouldn’t be happening.

“I urge local residents in West St Leonards to stand beside their local Conservative councillors, Matthew Beaver and Karl Beaney in fighting these plans.”

Images by Metropolitan Workshop

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4 thoughts on “Planning application goes in for 192 new homes on Bulverhythe site

  1. The artists impression is suspiciously empty of cars. My bet is it will be short of greenery but full of parked vehicles including fleets of vans which despoil every street scene these days.

  2. Cllr Batsford states “The application we have submitted follows extensive consultation with local residents and wider stakeholders which started over 12 months ago.” What extensive consultation? Which stakeholders? Only a very small minority (and those outside West St Leonards) want housing on this site or the Old Bathing Pool site. This is a HBC Labour only decision to ignore the wishes of the community and ride roughshod over ratepayers!

  3. Absolutely right there Bryan. I know someone who lives right there and he has never been “consulted” by HBC or anyone else. The word “consultation” is rather like that word “transparency.” Frequently misused.
    As I have said over the years, any open green spaces HBC can get their hands on is destined to be developed. As is the Bathing Pool site. A good example is Robsack meadow this very same cabal wanted to build apartments. But a stealthy campaign lasting seven years finally saved it.
    While I read the Conservative councillors are rightly opposed to this development, frankly they don’t stand a chance against the ruling party. And of course no Labour councillor, I would think, will step up to the plate and disagree with it. No Labour Planning Committee member will oppose the application.
    What amazes me is how HBC have got over £6m from the government to deal with the flooding issue on this site. particularly when they will be selling this site to a private developer and making money. And the developer does not have to spend a bean on the problem. Some please explain this situation to me.
    It will take a very well organised campaign to stop this one.

  4. Poorly thought out plan that reeks of previous mistakes made. How about flooded shopping malls that nobody goes to now in central hastings? Ruining wildlife and who knows what it will do to traffic congestion (still there regardless of link road) mad bad scheme. How can I join a formal protest? The council can’t even keep tabs on fly tipping in this area.

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