White Rock panto’ cancelled – oh no it’s not… oh YES it is!

There will be no panto’ at the White Rock and no performances of any kind until January 31st at least.

Making the announcement yesterday a spokesman for the theatre said: “After much discussion we’re sad to announce that our pantomime has been postponed until 2021.”

The announcement of the cancellation of the 2020 panto’ also confirmed that performances are now suspended until January 31st.

“We have explored all options to continue with our autumn programme but unfortunately it is just not viable to present full shows – with all that involves – while social distancing measures remain in place.

From last year’s White Rock panto’.

“The Culture secretary’s announcement that a relaxation will not be considered until November at the earliest led us to this decision,” the theatre says.

The venue and the box office remain closed with a small team currently working to contact ticket-holders by email in the coming weeks, tye theatre says: “If you hold tickets for the pantomime or for a show in the autumn, please wait to be contacted.

“If possible we would ask you to retain your tickets for any rescheduled dates, doing this is the best way to support us through to reopening. We would ask for your patience and understanding as we work to resolve everything.”

The White Rock’s announcement concludes with a commitment to make the pantomime in 2021, “brighter, funnier and more spectacular than ever before.

“After 2020 we’re all going to need it!” the statement concludes.

One thought on “White Rock panto’ cancelled – oh no it’s not… oh YES it is!

  1. You say that there won’t be any pantos till 31st january while social distancing is in place, how do u know if social distancing measures will still be in place next year, but I will miss the pantos as I thoughly enjoy them

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