What is the future for Hastings Pier? Over the last two years many people have tried to answer that question

At the end of May, on its Facebook page, the owners of Hastings Pier said they were awaiting advice from Hastings Borough Council (HBC) and Public Health England about when and how it could reopen.

But with the message from HBC still very clear – that Hastings remains ‘closed’ – it seems unlikely tourist attractions like the pier will reopen anytime soon.

For such an iconic structure to remain closed becomes symbolic. Look through social media on any day and read comments by those who are sad, unhappy and even angry that they cannot walk on Hastings Pier.

So what’s next? Do piers even have a future? Or, in a post Covid-19 world will foreign travel once again become prerogative of the wealthy? Can towns like Hastings, and its pier, benefit from an increase in those who might choose to holiday in the UK?

Here we republish three pieces about the pier published over the last two years, each from a slightly different perspective.

From April 2018 as Friends of Hastings Pier attempted to put together a successful bid for ownership the vision of a ‘Roman Forum for the 21st Century’ was suggested as the way to go

This from March 2019 by Adam Trimingham who questions whether trying to restore an old pier is ‘a mug’s game’?

In October last year Bernard McGinley asked if Hastings Council had failed to grasp the full significance of the pier winning architecture’s top award in 2017.

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4 thoughts on “What is the future for Hastings Pier? Over the last two years many people have tried to answer that question

  1. The future of the pier is limited by the current owner’s lack of resources and imagination. Sadly, it’s going to end up costing someone a lot of money.

  2. I emailed HBC recently to find out why there was a hold up opening the Pier, the Environment Dept telephoned me back slightly confused. They said that they know nothing about their involvement and they have no input surrounding the opening of the Pier. They also commented that some Piers are already open in the UK .She commented on the great open space on the Pier .I have not contacted PHE.

  3. I agree with Mike Way’s observation on the limitations he states with the pier owner and how the financial aspect is going to be costly. In fact from the last accounts filed, I see a £142K listed as outstanding debts. And two other of Mr Gulzar’s companies are on “Voluntary Strike Off ” notices with Companies House. Another one is pending the same. And His Chatsworth Hotel has been liquidated dues to debts of (as far as I can see ) around £1m.
    None of this is going to project any confidence with the future of this pier is it?

  4. I must clarify to avoid any confusion on my mention of the Chatsworth Hotel. This is the hotel located in Eastbourne.
    Nothing to do with the one of same name in Hastings.
    I overlooked this when writing comment

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