Why our local MP is ‘pleading’ with people to stay at home…

Devastating for people and devastating for business is how Hastings and Rye MP Sally-Ann Hart described the Coronavirus crisis when she spoke to Hastings In Focus this morning.

You can watch the full interview by following the link below.

Mrs Hart says she and other MPs in East Sussex are ‘pleading’ with people to stay at home this weekend to protect the NHS and to save lives and they will all be mounting an aggressive social media campaign to spread their message.

“Before last weekend all the local MPs were very worried having seen an increase in traffic from Wednesday and we decided to have a major social media campaign to persuade people to stay at home,” she said.

You can hear the full interview on Soundcloud by following this link

In the interview Mrs Hart gives fulsome praise to local NHS staff for the work they are doing. She also praises the voluntary sector and local police who she acknowledged had a tough job to do and she worries that if people do not follow current advice and do not respond to police interventions the tougher measures might still be needed.

“The police are not being heavy handed, they are doing a fantastic job, they are key workers and there are stories of police being spat on by people saying they have the Coronavirus it’s disgusting,” she said.

And Mrs Hart was critical of the press and what she sees as a failure to report some of the positive angles to the Coronavirus story preferring to, ‘scaremonger’.

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