Parchment Trust – providing ‘purpose, joy, skills and development’ says MP

‘Inspiring’ is how local MP Sally-Ann Hart described the work of The Parchment Trust after she paid a visit to the charity’s facilities in Ore last week.

On her visit she says she heard about ‘the incredible work’ the charity is doing to support those with special educational needs with training and development to get into the world of work.

After her visit, Mrs Hart said: “It was inspiring to see the work of the staff and the activities provided by the Parchment Trust. They are performing a real service not only to those individuals who use the facilities but to the whole community.

“They are providing purpose, joy, skills and development to all those with special educational and physical needs who attend.”

Sally-Ann Hart MP is pictured with some of the service users at the Parchment Trust site at Friars Hill, Ore.

She also recognised the need for further investment: “I want to see more investment going into organisations like the Parchment Trust so that we can properly support those with special educational and physical needs to get the right training and skills they need so they can either move into the world of work, or live fulfilling lives as independently as possible. That is why I have already been speaking with Ministers about using the forthcoming budget to provide additional funding for SEN support and training.”

The Parchment Trust is a registered charity, founded in 1993 to serve people with learning and physical disabilities in East Sussex. The Trust provides services that respond to individual needs, with person-centred support. They provide opportunities for learning, occupation, socialising and access to the community for all those who use their services.

“Seeing the looks of joy and fulfilment on the faces of everyone at Ore Place Farm was simply magical. Andrew Phillips and his team are doing excellent and inspiring work here, and they have my full support in all that they are doing,” said Mrs Hart.

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